Album artwork designed in collaboration with Laura Sheridan.

G . F Smith work with designers, creatives and brands to make the world’s finest and distinctive papers. In the summer of 2023, G . F Smith collaborated with the music and sound design agency Father to create a soundscape for their Colorplan paper family.
Father developed a distinct sound for each of the 55 colours in the Colorplan range.
G . F Smith has compiled these into a 12-inch vinyl record as a celebration of the project.

The Challenge
To create the album artwork, visually interpreting the range of soundscapes. Considering how the journey of distinct sounds, tones and our own personal listening responses could be reflected through the expression of colour.

The Solution
The design directly reflects the ‘journey’ experienced by myself and Laura whilst listening to the music. It represents elements of nature and the colours found in our physical surroundings.  G . F Smith are committed to decreasing their environmental impact on the world and the design is a representation of their renewable and natural paper products. Data visuals were used to highlight G . F Smith’s Colorplan range.

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